The vision of this church has always been to be relevant for the times we are in, to build an environment that equips and encourages all of us to reach up and become more like Jesus every day, to reach out with the love of God into our communities, not just the street on which we live or the place we go to work but also to our city, our nation and to the nations of the world. The vision has always been to see peoples’ lives transformed, become who God has purposed them to be and to reach into the destiny that He has for them.

Jesus promised that He would build His church and that nothing would stop that progress. It has always been our passion to create as many opportunities and remove as many barriers as possible so that men and women and boys and girls might encounter God’s amazing grace and love for themselves and grow to become more like Jesus every day.

After many years of searching and exploring 2019 has brought before us a unique, once in a generation opportunity to go some way in progressing that vision with the provision of a building to accommodate not only a greater number of chairs and thus people but to bless and bring benefit to our city and its people. The building itself is not the vision but a tool for reaching towards that vision.

At our Vision Night in February 2019, we were excited to reveal that the AECC could be our new home. Built in the 80s and significantly redeveloped in the early 2000’s the AECC is located to the North of Aberdeen. As the council prepares to move to the new exhibition centre near Dyce they have granted us exclusive negotiations to purchase the AECC site.


We expect the initial project cost to be in the region of £4.3 million. This includes purchasing the building, making the necessary improvements and investing in the future functioning of the building both as a church and as a civic and community space, providing the vehicle for many dreams and possibilities in all our hearts to come to reality.

No doubt you can remember the building you were in and the chair you were seated on when you encountered Jesus. We should all be grateful that someone before us sacrificed their finance, thought about the facility and - as it were - paid for the chair on which we sat. How exciting that we now have the privilege on our watch to do this for others!

To help you to decide what to give to this vision offering, would you consider paying for a chair? Each chair has a price tag of £500. Could you purchase a chair for yourself, for every member of your family and perhaps even for those who cannot buy a chair themselves, or who aren’t yet part of church?

We believe that this building will be a legacy for generations to come and this is our moment to sow into the future. We need a miracle and we believe that miracle is contained within each one of our hands.

The dream is to have 2,000 chairs paid for over the next 10 months as we rise up and respond to the call on our generation to leave a legacy for the generations to come.

As you prayerfully consider what God is saying to you about your giving please keep in mind these principles.

  • This invitation is for all of us
  • No amount is too large or too small
  • Be radical, not reckless
  • Give by faith, not by credit
  • Sacrifice luxuries, not living

Ways to Give

A legacy for generations to come

One Off Gift

one or more times, not regular


  • Cash, Cheque or Card
  • Pick up envelope from Next Steps


Preferred Option (no fees apply)

  • Set up payment through your bank to:

Sort Code: 826011

Account Number: 70299628

Reference: Your Name 727


(click; select "Vision Offering 2019")

  • Debit/Credit Card (2.2% fee applies)


Spread your gift in instalments over the next 10 months (ending March 2020)


Preferred Option (no fees apply)

  • Set up a standing order through your bank to:

Sort Code: 826011

Account Number: 70299628

Reference: Your Name 727


  • Set up a 10-month standing order