Changes are coming to King's Community Church!

From Sunday, September 2 onward, KCC will go through a couple of exciting changes that will make it possible for more people than ever at King's to hear the gospel message and have their lives transformed by Jesus

What is going to change?

Starting Sunday, September 2, we will introduce a third morning service! All three morning services will be identical in content, run an hour and 15 minutes, and will make it possible for you to invite more people, serve in new ways, and give you more flexibility when choosing which services to attend. Also, all three services will have KCC Kids and Creche running!

New service times starting Sunday, September 2:

First Service: 9am (coffee & tea served after)

Second Service: 10:30am (coffee & tea served after)

Third Service: 12:30pm

Evening Service: 6pm


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