The Church I See

The Church I See was written by Iain Duthie when he became the Pastor of the church in 2004.

Reaching out to the Community

The church I see is a church that is reaching out to the community around, where people are loved unconditionally and where people are gladly willing to take up the load for others, preferring others to themselves. It is a place where the lonely, wounded, broken, rejected and the outcast of our community can come and feel welcome, receiving expressions of God’s love in practical ways. It is a place where there are numerous varying ministries responding to the needs of those around. It is a church without walls where connections and bridges are constantly being built in the market place, in the business and academic communities and with a world outside the confines of this building. It is a place where innovation and ideas on how to communicate the good news of the gospel to all sections of society are actively encouraged, promoted and supported.

The church I see is a place where people are mature in their interactions with others and not flaky, having relevance and being culturally sensitive in all that is done, where truth, integrity, humility and servant hood are values that are held in high regard and where love for God and for people who as yet have not experienced or do not know the love of God is the motivating force, a place where the gospel is lived out in deed and in word.

The church I see has a global as well as a local perspective, evidenced by its concern not only for issues affecting this wonderful city of Aberdeen and near area but mindful of those in lands beyond these Scottish shores. It is a place where active missionary opportunities are taking place, a sending church where men and women are called and equipped to travel overseas with the good news. This is the church I see Reaching out to the Community

Reaching up to God

The church I see is a church Reaching up to God. It’s a place full of people loving God with all their heart, soul mind and strength. It is numerically significant and spiritually stable reflecting the greatness and character of God, a church that loves to be in His presence, not out of duty or guilt but from a heart of gratitude and devotion. It is a place where worship is an easy outward expression of the inner transformation taking place in people’s lives. Where the worship and honour of God is reflected in vibrant praise, and generous giving with a desire to serve God in any way possible. It is a place where people share a deep personal hunger for God in their own lives, where prayer is an enriching dialogue and not a duty and bible study is a regular positive discipline, a place where our lifestyle and attitudes reflect the Holy God we serve. It is a place where the expressions of our Pentecostal heritage are celebrated, encouraged and built upon acknowledging the supernatural God we serve. The church I see is constantly dependant on God for wisdom, direction and guidance for it is His church, where leadership continually acknowledges that it is not by human might, or power but by God’s Spirit that His purposes are accomplished.

The church I see is a place where the physical building and the internal fabric reflects the glory and excellence of God and where the world outside can be touched by the positive use of the facilities. This is the church I see Reaching up to God

Reaching in to Destiny

The church I see is a place where each person is reaching in to their God appointed destiny and where the church as a body is fulfilling the mandate to make disciples of all nations. It is a place where personal and corporate growth is the norm reflecting a healthy life. It is a place where a culture of community and togetherness is fostered and encouraged, where man made barriers are broken down and unity is maintained. It is a place that is systematic and intentional in its discipling and where people are encouraged to become mature followers of Jesus, putting off immaturity in pursuit of Gods’ destiny for their lives.

The church I see is a place where people, small in their own eyes are released to become big people in God, where each person’s unique personality, character and giftedness is celebrated. It is a place of challenge, encouragement and equipping, where people are sharpened and honed to discover the plans God has for their lives and where they are set free and given the privilege and opportunity to find, develop and live out their God given dreams. The church I see is a place where everyone is valued and has a vital role to play, where many ministries exist from the outworking of peoples calling from God, and where servant hood is the hall mark of leadership. This is the church I see Reaching in to its Destiny.