Our History

The King’s Community Church story traces back to 1951, when AOG (Assemblies of God) evangelist Herbert Harrison was invited by a local Christian family to hold a series of meetings in the Mission Hall, on Torry’s Sinclair Road. From this small gathering emerged the backbone of the first Aberdeen AOG Church.

In its initial five years, five different pastors led the congregation until Alan Benson moved to the Granite City and pastored the church for five fruitful years; during which he brought a real sense of stability to the fellowship. Alan also played a major role in the founding of many North East AOG churches, including in Cairnbulg and Fraserburgh.

In 1962, Alwyn Pearson was installed as Pastor – a position he held until 1988. The church steadily grew and in 1969 the fellowship were offered a building on Aberdeen’s King Street, where KCC remains today, for a nominal price.

Following significant renovations, the building was officially dedicated in 1975, with the opening making the local news (local press covered the story with the headline ‘Church Goes For A Song’).

Mr Pearson was then followed by Malcolm Scott, before John Strachan took over responsibility as Pastor of the Church in 1993. By then, however, numbers had dwindled dramatically, with just four people attending at one point. Mr Strachan led the church in true pioneer fashion though and an additional 150 people were added to its membership, whilst the DNA of the fellowship was firmly established.

That DNA was demonstrated in strong teaching and preaching and a real focus on the pastoring and shepherding of the people; with personal visits at the very core of the church. This resulted in a warm, committed group of people who had a clear sense of being loved and appreciated.

Dr Iain Duthie officially took over at the helm of the church on January 1, 2004 and still leads the church today, overseeing a truly multi-cultural congregation who have a real passion to see the name of Jesus lifted high, and under Iain’s leadership The King’s Community Church has become known as a multicultural, lively, colourful and inspirational Spiritual home for a growing community of men and women.