Communication Masterclass

Paul Scanlon, a global authority on communication, will be with us on Saturday, September 16, to deliver his outstanding Communication Masterclass.

Who is the Communication Masterclass for?
The Masterclass is a one day, six part training event aimed at all whose work, vocation or lifestyle requires them to present their ideas through public speaking, meaning it is for a wide range of people; anyone desiring to give voice to their ideas, vision, concept, complaint or cause. Anyone who feels they have something to say, whether expressed verbally or artistically, through dance, music, media, photography etc, will reap the rewards from attending.

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“All communicators soon learn that communicating with clarity and impact involves far more than the words they use. It is a craft, a skill that requires constant development and training. For that reason I want to inspire, strengthen and equip every communicator to hone their God-given gift so they can increasingly elevate people to a better place through awesome communication skills.”

Paul Scanlon.