About Us

We are a vibrant church, loving life, loving God and equipping people to:

Reach Up To Our God

As Christ followers we are committed to knowing God more every day, opening up our hearts and allowing Him to shape our attitudes, values and behaviours.

Reach Out To Our Community

We are privileged to be communicating God’s love to the world by word and deed, always looking to see where we can help our city and its people.

Reach Into Our Destiny

Serving God and serving others creates opportunity to realise and release the God-given potential inside each one of us.

A prophetic word spoken over this church remains constant for the onward journey.
“Not by might, not by power but by my Spirit says the LORD”

The Church I See

We are always looking beyond where we are to where we could be through God’s direction and help. One picture that frames our ideas and motivation is described in ‘The Church I See’, painted by our Pastor, Iain Duthie, back in 2004. You can read it by clicking here.

Our History

To read about where we’ve come from just click this link here.

Our Values

The things we value are important to us, shaping the way we ‘do’ church and relationships, while also setting the culture of KCC. Our KCC values are based on some of the attitudes on display in the 1st Century Church as described in Acts 2:42-47.

Loyalty – that quality which encourages us to be truly committed to people, as we SERVE each other.

Community – that quality that says we can’t do this on our own but together we can achieve infinitely more, as we CONNECT with each other.

Generosity – that quality that causes us to look out for others above ourselves, as we SHARE with each other.

Maturity – that quality of spiritual, emotional and psychological growth, allowing God to shape our lives, as we GROW with each other.

Humility – that quality that causes to look beyond ourselves and be entirely reliant on God, as we WORSHIP with each other.

Assemblies of God (GB)

The King’s Community Church is part of the Assemblies of God GB, a Pentecostal movement made up of around 600 churches located throughout Great Britain, working together to be an apostolically led, relationally connected and missionally focused movement.